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An Wei,

The city of Safety and Danger, that is what it means to reside here, we band together, and look out for ours first.

We are a simple Merchant's City, here to establish trade posts in the north and provide a home to those willing to offer this home something productive.

I am Advisor Wan, serving the Lady Aryaa, she is the one to thank for this city of ours, for that, we owe a great debt of gratitude my fellow residents. The Keep is for the Lady and our most trusted's use, audiences may be requested however entering without permission is a risk you take at the chance of your own head being removed.

Lady Tia, The Huntress, Nobleman Sehvahn and his wife Lady Vlasta, myself of course, and Lady Aryaa all reside there. So if there's ever a need or want for one of us, simply speak to the guard beyond the gate to send for us.
Town Crier says...    

To all residents!

Kazetenka, Apr 21, 11 6:01 PM.
When the time is right, you will meet Lady Aryaa, she is soon to be more available and for those who wish to see her all that need be done is simply ask. Any complaints or requests be made in a much more formal manner and the Advisor will be present to aid you in that!

Merchants, Guards, Entertainers welcome!

Kazetenka, Apr 19, 11 7:54 PM.
By word from Advisor Wan, the positions right now to be filled are as followed-

In Aquilonia, our Tarantian post requires both an armor and weapon merchant, report to Sehvahn (Hyateh in game) in our local trade house beside the Temple of Mitra, shared with the glass and crystal merchant.

In Stygia, we need a lead merchant to take charge, those willing to volunteer speak with the Advisor and your stock shall be sent if you are accepted. Cimmeria in Conarch we have that option of convinience to work out of the Tarantian post there.

In Khitai, a suitable shop will be established in the Hyrkanian village just before the wall, those willing or wanting to man that post speak with the Advisor.

Guards are all needed for each, any questions best be sent to Wan (Kazetenka in game) as well as any requests.
Take notice if you wish to be a guard your post will be one of our active I'm sure be it here in the north or in Aquilonia!
The Advisor will be available all you need do is send word to the local guard to let him know

All those seeking to be entertainers, be it in the art of Dance, Tale spinning, Music, all of you will see the Lady Tia (Rayan in game), she will place you appropriately if your talents are found suitable.
((Either send an offline or just a tell, or if you preffer a message here on the site and I'll get back to you when I am able))
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